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Steel Grating Technology

Steel grating and bar grates for industrial and floor

Mengke Steel Grating is comprehensive enterprise with scientific research, produce and management all in whole. The factory consists of RD, production, commerce and finance departments. With strong technical power, there are more than ten high and middle grades professional technicians to supply best design service for the customers with specific CAD designing system. Our advanced equipment of manufacturing lines of steel grating have supplied a guarantee for good quality products.

We manufacturer all type of steel gratings with anti-skid or smooth surface, such as welded steel grating, Press-locked bar grating, dense, compound and heavy duty grating, plug grating and other special gratings. These steel bar gratings is widely used in the projects such as petro-chemical industry, firepower electric generation, water power industry, harbor and docks, pharmacy, auto manufacture, paper making, city planning and real estate. In addition, we can make our gratings into platform, grating ceiling, stair tread and poultry house floor, gully well and tree pool cover. For example, 500mm to 1000mm wide heavy duty trench grating for airport application.

Our steel grating products with materials of high quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel, are produced to meet international standards according your need. There are three kinds of steel gratings distinguished by different bearing bar types: plain, serrated and I-shape.

Load bearing bars of welded steel grating are made out of high quality mild steel. Our welded steel grating bearing bar pitch common sizes are 12.5mm, 15mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, and cross bar pitch 50mm and 100mm.

Pressure lock steel grating is a kind of high strength grating, which is available in a serrated surface for extra safety. It is used in civilian and commercial buildings, theatres, subway, suburban railway, and municipal engineering.

With high quality low carbon steel and stainless steel as materials, dense steel grating is mainly used for the occasion have higher request of steel grating, such as, ships, drilling platforms, offshore platforms and walkways. The spacing of flat steel is 12mm or 20mm, and the spacing of horizontal pole is 30mm or 50mm.

Our products are sold to over 30 districts in China and also exported to many districts such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Middle East.From this site, you can find not only steel grating terms and installation information, but also order instruction. Any more, please email us:

Our the most popular steel bar gratings

  • Heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel gratings (hot dip galvanizing after fabrication)
    Size of the grating – 925mm × 1000mm
    Square Cross Bar – 10mm × 10mm
    Bearing Plate – 120mm × 6mm thickness
    Opening (pitch size) – 45mm × 45mm
    2 sides has C Channels, size 100mm × 50mm × 5mm welded to the main bearing bars.
  • #316 stainless steel grating with 1-1/2" × 1/8" bearing bars at 1-3/16" o.c. (19 - SGSS-4) 36" wide × 24' long.
  • #316 stainless steel grating with 1" × 3/16" bearing bars at 1-3/16" o.c. (19 - SGSS-4) 36" wide × 24' long.
  • Welded platform grates standard black panel with carbon steel material
    scale of carrying flat: 34mm between center to center
    scale of transverse bar : 38mm between center to center
    carrying flat heigh 25mm, thickness 5mm
    transverse bar thickness: 6mm
    type of transverse bar: square twisted bar
    carrying flat length: 5800mm
    width of grates: 1000mm.
  • Fabricated rectangular grating panels in mild steel material, width 500mm-1300mm and length 700mm/1000mm. Load bar size 65 × 10mm, Load bar pitch 35mm, cross bar pitch 100mm, load bar type serrated, 8mm twisted square cross bar/ round rod cross bar, hot dip galvanized.
  • Press-locked galvanized steel grating, the bar is 30mm × 3mm thick, and square type 35mm × 35mm
  • Steel grating mesh 34 × 38 BP 30 × 3 dimension 1000 × 5800 galvanized or self-colored
  • Walking stairs dimension 280 × 800 mesh 34 × 38 BP 30 × 3
  • Gratings for operating floors
    Material: ASTM A36
    Mesh Pitch 32 × 32mm
    Load bearing bar size: 40 × 5mm
    Transverse bar size: DIA 5mm (support bar)
    Binding bar size: 40 × 5mm
    Protection: all surfaces to be made free from rust & scales by chemical cleaning
    Painting: apply coat of suitable bituminous paint by dipping dry film 60 micron
    Grating size 1500 ×1000mm × 40
    Grating size 1800 ×1000mm × 40
  • Carbon steel grating with anti-slippery (anti-skid) surface, plate dimension (high × thick) 1-1/4 × 3/16 inch, grating dimension (width × long) 36 × 120 inch, separation inter plate 1-3/16 inch, separation inter bar 4 in, bar diameter 1/4 inch, coating galvanized- 620g/m2.

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