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Steel Grating Technology

Platform grating used in mining industry and harbor

  • The platform steel grating plate application scope is extremely widespread, such as general factory, workshop, mining industry, harbor, artistic style, installment convenient; it is one kind of new construction product. 
  • Can weld kick plate (guard board), armour plate, installation connecting fitting and so on accessories.
  • Can use different specification flat steel grating, or use angle steel, channel steel, square pipe and so on.
  • Can install handle and gemel in the steel grating plate which moves frequently.
  • Platform steel grating plate welding standard: Series 1 each five welds; Series 2 each four welds; series 3 every three welds. The welded joint is not smaller than 3mm one-sided angle welding, welded joint long 20mm.
Platform Grating Platform Grating
Platform Grating Platform Grating
Platform Grating Platform Grating

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