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Steel Grating Technology

Steel Grating Definition and General Information

Definition of Steel Grating:
Steel grating is a kind of open steel member with its bearing bars & cross bars jointing at their intersections either by welding or by locking.

General Information of Steel Grating:

  1. Bearing bar-A flat bar withstanding the main load is in consistent with the two adjacent bearing bars.
  2. Bearing bar pitch-The distance center to center of the two adjacent bearing bars.
  3. Cross bar-The connecting bars, made from twisted bar, round bar or flat bar, which extend across the bearing bars.
  4. Cross bar pitch-The distance center of the two adjacent cross bars.
  5. Length-The maximum dimension of a grating panel, measured parallel to the bearing bars, & in the same direction as the bearing bars.
  6. Width-The maximum dimension of a grating panel, measured perpendicular to the bearing bars, & in the same direction as the cross bars.

General Usage of Grating:


all kinds of Trench cover


Window and machinery safe guards


Wash rack

Stair tread

Ventilation screen


Storage rack

Vault bin floor

Suspended ceiling


Drainage pit cover

Dock/ Warehouse


Types of Grating:

There are three kinds of steel gratings distinguished by different bearing bar types, The respective of features are as follows:

  1. Plain: the most widely used gratings, available for flooring sidewalk, all kinds of ditch cover, stair tread, etc.
  2. Serrated: best non-skid property & safety compared with plain grating.
  3. I-shape: lighter, Not substantially weaken the case of load capacity more economical and practical comparing with plain grating.
General Information of Steel Grating   General Information of Steel Grating   General Information of Steel Grating

The Most Popular Specification of Steel Grating:

  1. Steel grating with 30mm bearing bar pitch is the most widely used in industrial area. Among the general series. It maintains the strongest resistance to impulsive force.
  2. Steel grating with 40mm bearing bar pitch is one of most economical & lightest types. It should be the best choice to customer on the occasion when the clear span is small.
  3. Steel grating with 60mm bearing bar pitch & 50mm cross bar pitch is developed specially for mining industry. As it can avoid the mineral splashing down on board, it’s appointed to use in fabrication plant, transfer terminal & other ares of mining.



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