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Steel Grating Technology

Steel Grating Standards

Definition of Steel Grating:
Steel grating is a kind of open steel member with its bearing bars & cross bars jointing at their intersections either by welding or by locking.

Our steel grating products are produced to meet the listed standards:

Steel Grating Standard Steel Material Standard Hot Dip Zinc Coating Standard
China Standard:

China Standard:

China Standard:

USA Standard: 
USA Standard:
USA Standard: ASTM(A1 23)
UK Standard: BS4592—1987 UK Standard: BS4360(43A) UK Standard: BS729
Australia Standard: ASl 657—1 992 Australia Standard: AS3679 Australia Standard: ASl650


 Steel Grating Mark
Steel Grating Mark

1.Bearing bar pitch: 30, 40, 60mm, of which 30, 40mm are recommended
2.Cross bar pitch:38, 50, 100mm, of which 50, 100mm are recommended
3.Sign of the shape of bearing bar:
F—Plain flat bar ( may be omitted in the symbol of steel grating )
S—Serrated flat bar
I—I Shape flat bar
4.Sign of surface treatment
G—Galvanizing (may be omitted in the symbol of steel grating)

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