Steel Bar Grating for Industrial Floor, Platform, Walkway and Gangway

Steel grating in our company is made of high quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. It is produced by the ways of welded, press-locked, swage-locked or riveted. Steel grating is widely used in our daily life and industrial.

Which type of steel grating are we mainly offering?

  • Welded steel grating
    Because of the high quality and low price, welded steel grating is the most widely used steel grating. Generally speaking, it is used as stair treads, walkway, floor, fence and shelf in warehouse, industrial, commercial and civil constructions.
  • A composite image of a large picture of riveted grating and three small pictures with a press-locked grating and two welded steel gratings.
  • Press-locked grating
    Press-locked grating also can be called pressure locked grating. It is a kind of steel grating with high strength, we can add more serrations on the surface to provide addition security. Press-locked steel grating is mainly used in the civil and commercial construction, theater, subway, suburban railway, municipal works.
  • Swage-locked grating
    Swage-locked grating also can be called aluminum steel, the bearing bar of swage-locked grating can be either I-shaped or rectangular. Under the same conditions, I-shaped swage-locked grating is lighter and lighter than the rectangular swage-locked grating.
  • Riveted grating
    Riveted grating is a kind of heavy duty grating, compare to the welded steel grating and swage-locked grating with the same span and depth, riveted grating with the greater bearing capacity.
  • Offshore Platform Reinforced Floor Grating
    With additional round bar welded to the twisted cross bar in the direction of bearing bar, it can prevent spheres of 15 mm diameter fall through. Offshore platform reinforced floor grating resists the strong winds, storms and hurricanes.
Hot Products
A serrated press-locked steel grating placed on the ground as trench cover.

Serrated press-locked steel grating can be used as floors, platforms, entrance ramp and ladders in industrial, commercial and civil constructions.

This is riveted grating with smooth surface.

Riveted grating has high load capacity, anti-slip surface and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used as walkway, floor, stair treads and bridge decking.

Several pieces of plug gratings are stacked together.

Plug steel bar grating with lightweight and high strength, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free, used for ceiling, decoration and platform aisle.

A picture with part of press-locked steel grating.
Advantages of steel grating
  • High strength, high bearing capacity and high resistance to stress.
  • Grating structure with the good drainage function, do not accumulate rain, snow, dust and debris.
  • Ventilation, lighting and heat dissipation.
  • Explosion protection, also can add anti-skid serrations to improve anti-skid ability, especially in rain and snow weather to protect people's safety.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, durable.
  • Simple and beautiful appearance.
  • Light weight, easy to install and remove.
Applications of steel grating
  • As the stair treads of straight stairs and spiral stairs.
  • As the floors, fences, ceilings, platforms and entrance door mats of industrial, commercial and civil constructions.
  • used for drilling platforms, rocket launch pad, transformer reservoir and sewage treatment.
Case Study

High quality service


I ordered the stair treads steel grating in this company, I am very satisfied with their service. They took account of my needs when communicate with each other, and they delivery the products in a short time, also the product with no problem, do not need me to complain. If necessary later will come again.

Suitable size


I decided to install a spiral stair for my villa, I contacted the company at the suggestion of my friend. They are delivered within the specified time, the size is very appropriate, and the installation is also very convenient, well done.

Satisfied quality and price

Harry Evans

By communicating with them, I ordered a anti-skid floor in this company, the staff is very friendly, the product quality is very good, and the price is very appropriate. Recently ordered a louver steel grating, hoping to arrive quickly.

A good company


I bought press-locked grating used as shelf, it is the necessary equipment of the warehouse. I noticed that all the orders we ordered were arriving on time and guaranteed the quality of the product.