Steel Bar Grating Balcony Fence Ventilation and Radiating

Steel grating balcony fence has become a very popular application for modern buildings. It shares many advantages, such as ventilation, radiating, explosion-proof, etc. Therefore, steel grating suitable for a variety of architectural environments, for example, upscale residential buildings, private houses, villas, hotel and so on.

This is a galvanized bar grating balcony fence of leisure residential buildings.

BF-01: Galvanized steel grating balcony fence has strong acid and alkali resistance which durable for a long time.

This is a powder painted bar grating balcony fence outside the villa balcony.

BF-02: Steel grating balcony fence with an optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour.

It is the steel grating balcony fence of the common residence outside the window.

BF-03: Steel grating balcony fence is ventilating and radiating that conducive to the growth of potted plants.

Application conditions

  • Residential building balcony fences.
  • Villas fence.
  • Private house fence.
  • Hotel balcony fence.
  • Apartment balcony fence.



  • Safe.
  • Ventilating.
  • Radiating.
  • Explosion-proof.
  • Allow shine stream in the house.
  • Anti-skid.