Trench Cover and Well Cover – Good Drainage Function & Anti-Corrosion

Drainage steel grating is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel grating, usually with hot dip galvanized surface treatment. With the features of grating structure, high bearing capacity, non-slip, good drainage function, anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance, drainage steel gratings are widely used as trench cover and well cover in a varies of public buildings, such as, factory, park, square, roadway, kitchen and other urban drainage systems.

Drainage steel grating used in the street.

DSG-01: Drainage grating is an inseparable part of the street.

Drainage steel grating is in the kitchen to drain the waste water.

DSG-02: Drainage steel grating can be used in the kitchen.

A circle drainage steel grating is used as trench cover in the picture.

DSG-03: Round steel grating well cover.

A drainage steel grating which used in the ditch was opened part of it.

DSG-04: Welded bar grating ditch cover.

Applications of drainage steel grating:

  • Square.
  • Garage.
  • Parking lot.
  • Many kinds of factories.
  • Large kitchen.
  • Roadway.
  • Vehicle cleaning room.
  • Urban drainage system.

Features of storm steel grating:

  • High bearing capacity.
  • Porous structure with good drainage function.
  • Non-slip, anti-corrosion, anti- rust.
  • Simple and beautiful appearance.
  • Durable with long lifespan.