Steel Grating Infill Panel for Protection, Partition, Decoration

  • Welded steel grating infill panels.
  • Dovetail pressure locked steel grating infill panel.
  • Swage locked steel grating infill panel.

Each steel grating is available with the standard plain or optional serrated surface. Besides, each product is available with painted or galvanized finish.

A piece of steel grating infill panel with serrated surface and end plates.

SGIP-01: Steel grating infill panel.

Specification of steel grating infill panel:

  • Materials: mild carbon steel, stainless steel, steel.
  • Hole shapes: square or rectangular.
  • Surface treatment: painted, anodized, galvanized, enamel, epoxy paints, power coated.
  • Grating depth: 3/4" – 7".
  • Grating thickness: 1/8" – 1/2".
  • Cross grating spacing: standard spacing is 4" on center and 2" spacing available for special order.
  • Package: wrapped with wooden pallets, steel pallets, as requested.

Features of steel grating infill panel:

  • Safety and high strength.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • High ventilation rate and transmittance.
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free.
  • Long service life.

Steel grating infill panel application:

  • For protection
    • Fences of balcony, walkways, residential areas perimeter, car park, libraries, parking garage.
    • Stair railings in offices, universities, stadiums, buildings, companies, hotels, residential buildings, supermarkets.
  • As partitions, used in various outdoors and indoors of structures, such as stadiums, theaters, homes.
  • For decoration, used in outdoor restaurants, in the front door of stores.
Welded steel gratings are installed on the offshore platform.

SGIP-02: Dovetail pressure locked steel grating stair railings indoors for decoration.

Welded steel gratings are covering the working platform of waste water treatment plant.

SGIP-03: Dovetail pressure locked steel grating stair railings in the passageway.

Welded steel gratings are installed on the platform of power plant.

SGIP-04: Steel grating stair railings outdoors has corrosion resistance and high strength.

A car is parking on the press lock grating platform.

SGIP-05: Steel grating infill panel grating fences in residential areas perimeter for

Steel grating used as operating platform.

SGIP-06: Steel grating fences in the balcony for protection and decoration.

Steel grating used as inspection platform.

SGIP-07: Welded steel grating fences of garden for protect flowers and trees from being hurt by people.

Platform grating as floor in a warehouse.

SGIP-08: Steel grating infill panels with ventilation are used as fences of the parking garage.

Platform grating used as floor in a plant.

SGIP-09: Steel grating partition for making good use of space.