Steel Grating Stands with High Strength and High Bearing Capacity

Steel Grating Stands is made from galvanized carbon steel grating or stainless steel grating. With the features and advantages of light weight, high strength, good ventilation, non-slip, easy to clean and maintain and durable, steel grating stands is widely used in gymnasium, school playground and outdoor theater.

A three-storey steel grating stands on the outside of the playground runway.

SGS-01: Steel grating stands were used in the school playground.

A four-layer stands with five-layer stairs was placed on the road which both sides are grass.

SGS-02: Steel grating stands also can be used at the stairs of the stands.

Features of the steel grating stands

  • Light weight and high strength.
  • With the performance of good ventilation, non-slip, anti-corrosion and drainage.
  • Easy to lift and install.
  • Beautiful appearance and durable.
  • The advantages of easy cleaning and maintenance extend the lifespan.

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