Steel Grating Used in Kenya Factory


Our customer is an engineering in a Kenya factory, he wanted to purchase the welded steel grating as the platform of his factory. He told us some specs and hoped us to give him the best price about the welded steel grating. If the quality was excellent, he would add the order quantity in the next time. The specs our customer gave us were as follows:

  • Material: low carbon steel.
  • Loading bar size: 32 mm × 5 mm.
  • Loading bar pitch: 30 mm.
  • Cross bar size: 6 mm.
  • Cross bar pitch: 100 mm.
  • Ending: no banding.


  • About the product
    In the inquiry of our customer, he didn't mention that the surface of the welded steel grating. We told our customer that the welded steel grating had two types of surface: smooth surface and serrated surface. The serrated surface welded steel grating had better slip resistance than the smooth surface, he could choose according to the application. Our customer told us that he wanted to used in the factory as the platform, so he thought the serrated surface welded steel grating was better.
  • About the price
    After confirming the products our customer wanted to purchase, we gave the response immediately and we wanted to set the cooperation with our customer. The specs of our customer gave us was mostly complete, so we sent the accurate price to our customer soon. But the customer told me that the weight is heavier than other suppliers and the price is absolutely higher than the others. He hoped us calculate again and give him the final price. After calculating the price again, we found that we had a mistake and sent the right price and weight to our customer. And we told him we give him a special discount to apologize the mistake we made. The customer said the price was OK and he would cooperate with us.

Production and delivery

After receiving the payment from our customer, we started to arrange production. We had advanced equipment to ensure the quality of the welded steel grating. Additional, we have strict quality control system to test the products quality.

A piece of black welded steel grating on the white background.

SGKF-1: Black welded steel grating with serrated surface has outstanding slip resistance performance.

A working machine and a piece of welded steel grating.

SGKF-2: Welded steel grating production.

A hand is measuring the cross bar pitch of the welded steel grating.

SGKF-3: Welded steel grating testing.

A bundle of welded steel gratings on the ground.

SGKF-4: Welded steel grating package.

Several bundles of welded steel gratings in the container.

SGKF-5: Welded steel grating loading.

Black steel gratings are installed on the factory.

SGKF-6: Black steel grating is widely used as platform in factories.


  • The quality of steel grating is excellent and the package is solid. There is no any damage during transporting.
  • The sales representatives are professional and considerate.
  • If i have other orders, I will contact you again.