Hot dipped Galvanized Transformer Bay Mesh Gratings

The transformer grating is designed for transformer station to support the stones on transformer bays. It has high loading capacity and corrosion resistance surface to be used outdoors and high corrosive environments.

  • Projects certificated mesh grating
  • HDG materials for oil and weather resistance
  • C/C spacing are designed as nominal sizes of aggregates
  • Round bar and twisted bar options
  • Steel bar grating types available
  • High load capacity for durability
  • Benefit for the heat dissipation
Popular Dimensions of Transformer Gratings
Item Width (mm) Length (mm)
EZTG-01 800 800
EZTG-02 1650 2750
EZTG-03 3200 1100
EZTG-04 3200 1600
Note: Special sizes can be customized