Ski Resort Steel Grating with High Strength, Non-Slip and Durable

The stair treads and platforms made of ski resort steel grating can ensure the safety of visitors. Due to the particularity of grating hole structure, ski resort steel grating is possible to prevent snow and tourists or maintenance staff slipping. In addition to excellent non-slip ability, ski resort steel grating also with high bearing capacity, high security and light weight, which makes it an ideal material for the construction and equipment of the sport facilities in the mountain areas with poor weather and easy to snow.

Applications of ski resort steel grating

A person with ski board is skiing in the ski resort.

SRG-01: Ski resort.

Some people are racing in the middle of the venue, surrounded by many people standing on the stairs to watch.

SRG-02: Ski resort steel grating as stair treads.

This is steel grating floor in ships.

SRG-03: Ski resort steel grating as walkway.

Ski resort steel grating is used as platform, two people standing on it to overlook the distance.

SRG-04: Ski resort steel grating as platform.

Features of ski resort steel grating

  • High strength, high bearing capacity with light structure.
  • Non-slip, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant.
  • Simple and beautiful appearance.
  • Easy installation and detachment.
  • Long lifespan, saving costs.