Galvanized Steel Grating Used in Philippine Platform


Our client is a purchase manager in a Philippine chemical factory. He wanted to purchase the galvanized steel grating for a platform project. He asked for the quotation. He gave us the detailed specs and other requirement of the steel grating, the detailed specs are as follows:

  • Material: mild steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized.
  • Loading bar: 32 mm × 5 mm.
  • Cross bar: 6 mm.
  • Opening size: 30 mm × 100 mm.
  • Grating size: 1 m × 2 m.


  • About the price
    Because the specs he gave us are complete and accurate, so we sent the quotation within 1 hour. But there was no any reply from him. Then we sent some E-mails to him, our client told us that the price was too high to accept. He had a tight budget. At that time, the raw material cost reduced, so we gave a new quotation to him, he accepted that and told us the quality was the most important.
  • About loading capacity
    Because our client want to use the galvanized steel grating on a factory platform. This require the galvanized steel grating has high load capacity, he asked us if the galvanized steel grating could be used in heavy duty applications. We told him the steel bar grating had firm structure and high load capacity, it was solid enough to be used as platform. Additional, the galvanized steel grating has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance, which is long lifespan and durable.

Production and delivery

  • After we received the payment from our client, we started to arrange production. Because the schedule was tight, so our workers were hardworking to reduce production loss and improve working efficiency. About 5 days later, we complete the production schedule and all the products were waiting for loading and shipping.
  • Then we contacted with the shipping agent to arrange the fastest sail schedule to ensure our client could receive the good timely. The loading and shipping was smooth, so he received the goods and complete his project on time.
Several galvanized steel grating on the ground.

GGPP-1: Galvanized steel grating has serrated surface for slip resistance.

A piece of galvanized steel grating is producing by the machine.

GGPP-2: Galvanized steel grating production.

Three workers are carrying the galvanized steel grating into container.

GGPP-3: Galvanized steel grating loading.

Several galvanized steel gratings are installed on the factory platform.

GGPP-4: Galvanized steel grating can be used in the factory as platform.


The products are high quality and the sales representative is professional and considerate, i am willing to set a long term cooperation with your company.