Plug-Type Flat Steel Grating Sturdy and Beautiful

Plug grating has been widely applied in foreign countries, are very common, and domestic just begun, step by step in the promotion phase. Plug-type flat steel grating sturdy and beautiful, has been a growing number of customers and engineering and technical personnel to accept and use.

Plug grating is a certain size carbon flat steel, stainless steel by the open bad (hole), plug, welding, finishing processes to create form. With lightweight, high strength, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, beautiful and many other advantages, this steel gratings are widely used in civilian and commercial buildings, theaters, metro, suburban railway and other public works areas, can be used for ceiling, indoor and outdoor decoration, platform aisle, ventilation window ( Wells), advertising plaque, such as a variety of cover.

A plug grating that the height of cross bar and bearing bar is the same.

PG-01: Plug grating with the same height of bearing bar and cross bar.

Several pieces of plug gratings are stacked together.

PG-02: Galvanized plug grating.

A plug grating in the picture.

PG-03: Plug grating.

A plug grating that the groove is very shallow.

PG-04: Plug grating with shallow groove.

A plug grating with serrated surface.

PG-05: Serrated plug grating.

Four stair treads made of plug grating.

PG-06: Plug grating as stair treads.