Advantages and Usage of Steel Grating Fence

Steel grating fence with the feature of solid, durable and beautiful shape. So, steel grating is able to take place of other materials as fence, for example, concrete fence and wooden fence. Moreover steel grating is very popular from home and abroad on account of its excellent features.

This is a press locked steel grating fence.

ASGF-01: Steel grating fence is stable and durable to used as garden and building fences.

Steel grating fence around the residential area.

ASGF-02: Steel grating is corrosion resistance and dirt resistance for residential area fencing.

Advantages of steel grating fence

  • Easy installation
    Building owner can install by himself or herself without extra special technology or machine equipment assistance if the fence with simple frame structure.
  • Solid
    It is carbon steel or stainless steel material, firm and stable in shape, not liquid or fluid.
  • Anti-theft security
    It is equivalent to the wall to prevent outsiders from entering.
  • Economical
    Steel grating is a kind of economical and practical material for fence.
  • Durability and stability
    Steel grating with strong anti-corrosion, because of galvanized and powder coating.
  • Ventilation and radiating
    The lattice structure of steel grating fence allow sunlight shines in and the wind flow into the room.
  • Modernization
    Beautiful appearance and fashionable structure.


Steel grating fence is used for a variety of environmental conditions, such as, business district fence, street fence, garden fence, parking fence, playground fence, etc.


Steel grating is typically made of low carbon steel. It is divided into welding and press locked type, and surface treatments include hot dip galvanized and powder coating.