Common Mistakes We Frequently Meet in Steel Grating Purchase

As we all know, steel grating is a versatile steel product. It has a rigid structure, excellent corrosion resistance and great ventilation. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields like building decorations and industrial platforms. However, we find that some customers may fall into some common purchasing traps that may have an adverse effect on the proper selection of steel gratings. Here we list some common mistakes we frequently encounter to help you avoid these traps and choose proper steel gratings.

Price or Quality

Firstly, some clients consider price to be the primary criterion for selecting steel gratings. As for its quality, they tend to think it is enough as long as it can work normally. However, most steel gratings are installed in places where they are subject to high pressure and heavy load. Therefore, quality is more important than the price. Just compare the loss of damaged steel gratings or the price of superior steel gratings, which one would cost more? You will have your own idea.

The picture shows steel gratings are used as stair treads.

Steel grating for stair treads

Automatic or Manual Welded Steel Gratings

Secondly, some customers are unfamiliar with the difference between manually welded steel gratings and automatic welded steel gratings. Some customers even regard them as two completely same products. However, they differ a lot from each other. The automatic welded steel grating has neat, beautiful appearance, and even zinc coating to avoid the corrosion arising from uneven galvanizing. In addition, its welding points are much stronger than that of manually welded steel grating, so it has higher rigidity to withstand high pressure and heavy load. Therefore, we must decide to choose manually welded steel grating or automatic welded steel grating when placing orders.

A welder is welding steel grating manually.

Manually welded steel grating

The automatic welding machine is welding steel gratings.

Automatic welded steel grating

Thirdly, some customers prefer choosing steel gratings with larger spacing under the same specifications to save budget. Larger spacing means lower cost yet less resistance to pressure and less load capacity. As we all know, steel gratings are mostly used as walkways and platform foundations. Therefore, if the load on the walkways and platform foundations increases within a short period, it will be very dangerous.

Therefore, you'd better purchase steel gratings from large manufacturers with sufficient production capacity and manufacturing equipment to achieve coat saving and quality assurance just like us. We can provide both welded and press-locked steel gratings that are suitable for platforms, walkways, drain covers, ceilings, etc. We can provide you with drawing planning, installation instructions and other services. Besides, we can recommend and produce the most suitable and cost-effective products according to your use environments and load requirements.