Six Features of Aluminum Gratings and Guidance for Choice

Aluminum grating is popular among constructions, safety, industrial production due to its high strength and lightweight. Besides, it plays very important roles in architecture because of the aesthetic appeal. Benefits of aluminum gratings go far beyond that. Refer to the following article and decide if you need choose the aluminum grating for your projects.

Aesthetic appeal

Aluminum grating can provide excellent aesthetic appeal as well as quality and durability. The aluminum material is smooth, light and reflective in color and available in various glass finishes. Aluminum grating is popular in architectural projects, such as:

  • Sunshades
  • Ornamental louvers
  • Privacy screens
  • Grilles
  • Pedestrian bridges
Aluminum gratings serve as sun shades against the blue sky.

Aluminum Grating Sunshades

Aluminum sunshade louvers used in offices for window louvers

Aluminum grating louvers

Steel grating enclosure is very sturdy enough for building fence.

Aluminum grating privacy screens

Lightweight, corrosion and bacteria-resistant

  • Aluminum is about one-third weight of steel per cubic foot, which makes the aluminum grating lighter weight while do not comprise to the strength.
  • Aluminum has a naturally occurring, self-repairing oxide layer rather than a coating or paint that can be easily peeled or scratched off. This oxide layer protects the inside of the metal making it resistant to corrosion.
  • Compared with other metal alloy gratings, aluminum grating is non-toxic and resistant to bacterial growth property to make the grating longer service life.

The lighter weight, anti-corrosion and bacterial resistant aluminum grating is an ideal choice for:

  • Sewage and waste treatment plants
  • Chemical production plants
  • Food and beverage preparation facilities
  • Marine vessels like ships and barges
  • Offshore rigging vessels
  • Any area exposed to rain, ice, or snow
The aluminum grating is installed in the sewage plant platform.

Aluminum grating in sewage plant

The aluminum grating is installed in marine vessels.

Aluminum grating on marine vessel

The aluminum grating is installed in water treatment plant.

Aluminum grating in water treatment plant

Malleability and Even with less density Material

The aluminum grating has substantial yield strength, giving it load-carrying capabilities

  • The strength-weight-ratio enables projects like mezzanines to have wider spans with less materials, saving costs.
  • Strength-weight-ratio also makes the aluminum grating easy to manipulate into unique shapes like curves for special applications.
  • Lighter density of aluminum make cutting and installation easy.
  • Aluminum grating retains ductility at low temperature without becoming brittle. On the contrary, cold temperature also improve corrosion resistance.

The combination of strength, flexibility and low density make the aluminum grating are popular in:

  • Grating, trench covers or hatches
  • Mezzanine walkways and platforms
  • Moveable ladders or decking
  • Stairways or stair treads
  • Outdoor installations in frigid climates
An mezzanine walkway made of aluminum grating in the water treatment plant.

Non-sparking Properties

Unlike steel, aluminum grating is non-sparking ,make it safe in workshops that

  • Contain flammable gases, dust, or liquids such as oil refineries, paper manufacturers, or ammunition factories.
  • Use products such as grain, flour, cornstarch, powdered milk, or egg whites, which can create combustible dust.
The aluminum grating is installed as the oil refinery walkway.


The aluminum grating has a non-magnetic structure, which make it outstanding thermal property. It conducts heat well, meaning it will warm quickly when subjected to heat or sunlight. But aluminum also resists sudden changes in heat. Aluminum grating can provide additional safety in production facilities and outdoor projects.

Aluminum grating is installed in the ski resorts

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum is recyclable. The broken aluminum grating can be recycled for other uses, which making earth sustainable.

We can provide aluminum grating in various specifications and loads to match with your projects requirements, just contact us for additional information.