Steel Grating for Kenya Picking Trader as walkways


  • Country: Kenya.
  • Product: hot dipped steel grating.
  • Quantity: 54 PCS.

Our customer is a tea picking trader in Kenya, she wanted to purchase the steel grating for her tea garden as the walkway. She wanted the steel grating to be durable and used for a long life, she hoped us to recommended the suitable material of the steel grating. She had some specifications for our reference. The specs she gave us were as follows:

  • Panel size: 1000 mm × 5800 mm.
  • Load bar size: 75 mm × 5 mm.
  • Load bar pitch: 40 mm.
  • Cross bar size: 6 mm.
  • Cross bar pitch: 75 mm.


  • About the product
    Our customer told us that she wanted the high quality products with long service life. And the common material of the steel grating is low carbon steel and then hot dipped galvanized. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is corrosion and rust resistance. Additional, the steel grating has chemical stability, which can bear the salty and rainy weathers. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is good enough to satisfy the customers' requirement. So we recommended our customer to choose the hot dipped galvanized steel grating. Our customer said that was great, she accepted our advice.
  • About the price
    After confirming the material of the products, we sent the quotation to our customer, she said that the price was higher than her budget and wanted us to give her the best price. We told our customer that we were real factory in China, and we can supply the best price of the steel grating, but the order quantity was small, so the cost would be raised, we could give her special discount in the next order. Our customer accepted that and required us ensure the quality of the steel grating.

Production and delivery

After receiving the payment of our customer, we started to arrange production. The equipped material shortened the production time, additional, our skilled workers saved production time and improved the production efficiency.

A steel grating with serrated surface on the ground.

SGKT-1: Galvanized steel grating has serrated surface for slip resistance.

A welded low carbon steel grating on the ground.

SGKT-2: Steel grating without any surface treatment.

Several pieces of steel gratings are surface treated in the workshop.

SGKT-3: Hot-dipped surface treatment of steel grating.

Several workers are installing the steel grating walkway in the fields.

SGKT-4: Steel grating is widely used as walkways in fields, tea garden and other places.


  • The products are excellent and the surface is smooth and tidy. There is no sharp barbs on the surface.
  • The products are suitable for our application very well, and the surface is anti-slip, which secure our workers' safe.
  • I am deeply impressed by the profession and consideration of your sales representatives. They help me a lot and give me some suggestions.
  • If I have similar orders, I will contact you and hope the next cooperation.