HDG Grating Walkway: A Sturdy Pathway for Solar Panels

HDG Grating Walkway is an ideal solution for solar photovoltaic power projects. Made of low carbon steel and then hot-dip galvanized, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and a sturdy structure, providing a reliable pathway for solar panels. It is suitable for solar brackets and accessories, as well as a key component of rooftop solar installation systems. Its lightweight design and ventilation characteristics make it an ideal choice for industrial, residential, and commercial buildings, providing a reliable foundation, long-lasting support for solar projects.

HDG steel grating installed in the middle of solar panels

HDG steel grating

HDG steel grating installed on the ridge

HDG steel grating on the ridge

HDG steel grating installed on the sloped roof

HDG steel grating on the sloped roof


  • Dimension: 2000 × 350 × 30 mm, or 2000 × 500 × 30 mm
  • Materials: Carbon steel
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized (≥ 55 µm), ISO 1461 Zinc standard.
  • Bearing bar: 30 mm Height × 3 mm Thickness


A drawing of HDG steel grating with dimension information at different positions.

HDG steel grating drawing


HDG steel grating being packaged in the factory

HDG steel grating packaging