Dense Welded Steel Grating, Flat Steel Space 12 mm or 20 mm

Dense steel grating is a kind of welded steel grating with the spacing of bearing flat steel less than 25 mm. It is mainly used in the occasion have higher request for gratings.

There are two dense steel grating in the picture, one of them with two cross bars, the other with three cross bars.

DES-01: Dense steel gratings.

Material: High quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Feature: In addition to having the advantage of appearance form and easy installation, Dense steel gratings also meet the request of special occasion pass through or leave out object size. For example, where the larger flow, can demand the request of Ms. high-heeled shoes walk; for industrial and mining enterprises, the request of doesn't allowing large objects (such as the steel ball of the diameter less than 20 mm) leave out.

Application: Main used for the occasion have higher request of steel grating, such as, ships, drilling platforms, offshore platforms, walkways, etc. to prevent objects falling. Also used factory aerial work platforms and high-level working platform shop, avoiding wound by the high-altitude litter.

A man pushing a baby carriage through the floor made of dense steel grating.

DES-02: The wheel of the baby carriage can not fall from dense steel grating.

One foot wearing black high heel standing on dense steel grating without falling.

DES-03: Anti-heel grating.

Dense steel grating used as platform in the warehouse of factory.

DES-04: Dense steel grating as platform.

Dense steel grating used as mezzanine in a warehouse with many shelves.

DES-05: Dense steel grating as mezzanine.

Dense steel gating as a part of corridor.

DES-06: Dense steel grating corridor.

Dense steel grating as floors fir people to walk.

DES-07: Dense steel grating floor.

Dense steel grating used as slope in a park.

DES-08: Dense steel grating slope.