Answers to Questions About Steel Grating That Customers Often Asked

Can you produce the steel grating according to the sizes of the customers requirement?

Most supplying steel gratings are produced according to the drawing. There are design and technical departments in our company, the specialist in these departments have many years of development experience.

Which is better of welded steel grating or press-locked steel grating?

From the perspective of production mode, press-locked steel grating is more beautiful. Press-locked steel grating is produced without welding. Therefore, compared with welded steel grating, its corrosion resistance is relatively strong. But from the perspective of price and practicality, welded steel grating is better.

Question: We are going to buy press-locked steel grating, what is the maximum size of bearing bar?

The maximum size of press locked steel grating is 2500 × 2200 mm, 2500 mm is the maximum length of bearing bar, 2200 mm is the maximum length of crossing bar, the size of the corresponding standard mesh is 34 mm × 33 mm.

Can you produce aluminum grating with serrated surface?

Yes, we can. Aluminum grating with serrated surface is particularly durable. Our company also can produce special shaped steel grating made of stainless steel and galvanized steel.

What is the maximum size of stair treads steel grating?

The overall size of the stair treads steel grating can be designed according to the customer's wishes. Our company can produce non-standard stair treads according to the sketching and drawings.

Which products do you recommend as a shelf?

We recommend the welded steel bar grating, its advantages make it is very suitable for use in the warehouse.

Which products can be used as stairs in industrial facilities?

We recommend the steel gratings, the stair treads made of welded steel grating and press-locked steel gratings are ideal stairs in industrial and civil buildings.

Which of your products is most suitable for offshore drilling platforms?
Which product can be better used as the entrance door mat?

We can provide you press-locked steel grating with mesh size of 33 mm × 10 mm as entrance door mat.

Can you produce the steel grating with serrated surface?

Yes, we can. There are three anti-skid serration types of welded steel grating and press-locked steel grating. You can learn about the specific situation of anti-skid serration in the two product details page.

How do you pack your products?

The product is always packaged in accordance with the requirements and quality standards to ensure the safety of goods in transit.

Can I replace or return the received goods?

According to your letter or claim, we will be processed within two working days, because our company is committed to providing high quality service to our customers.

What are the benefits of choosing your company as regular customers?

If choose our company, each customer can enjoy a certain discount. And each customer will be assigned a manager who is responsible for working with the business.

What's standard that the products accord with?
  1. AS 1657-2013 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation.
  2. BS EN ISO 14122-1 Safety of machinery Permanent means of access to machinery Part 1: Choice of fixed means and general requirements of access.
  3. BS EN ISO 14122-2 Safety of machinery Permanent means of access to machinery Part 2: Working platforms and walkways.
  4. BS EN ISO 14122-3 Safety of machinery Permanent means of access to machinery Part 3: Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails.
  5. BS EN ISO 14122-4 Safety of machinery Permanent means of access to machinery Part 4: Fixed ladders.
  6. BS 4592-1 Industrial type flooring and stair treads. Metal open bar gratings - Specification.
  7. In addition to the above standards, we can also produce steel grating that meets other national standards in accordance with customer's requirements.
What types of steel grating do you supply?

We provide both welded steel gratings and press-locked steel gratings. Plain and serrated surfaces are available for all steel gratings. In addition, we have flat bar and I bar for bearing bars

For more information about our steel gratings, please refer to welded steel gratings and press-locked steel gratings.

What does length and width exactly refer to?

In a steel grating, the length refers to the length of the bearing bar while the width refers to the length of the cross bar.

What is span?

The span is the distance between steel grating supports. It must always be measured parallel to the bearing bars.

The picture shows a diagram marked with all steel grating parameters.

Steel grating diagram

What is the difference between plain steel grating and serrated steel grating?

Serrated steel grating has better anti-slip performance than plain steel grating, and is widely used in petrochemical engineering.

How to calculate the area of steel grating?

For regular steel gratings, the area is equal to the length multiplied by the width, including the area of holes and notches; For irregular shape steel gratings, the area is the area of the steel grating before cutting instead of the area of irregular shape steel grating.

What should I offer if I need steel gratings for special applications?

You'd better provide us with your structure drawings and detailed parameters. In this way, we can provide you with better services. Based on the information provided, we will recommend a steel grating that is perfect for your application, greatly saving your time and money.

What is the price of the steel grating?

Our prices are not fixed. The price of steel grating is subject to the size, type, length, width, surface finish and shape of the cross bar. You can tell us your requirements so that we can quote you as soon as possible.

What's your raw material for steel grating?

We have a variety of raw materials for steel gratings, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Each material has its own advantages. Carbon steel gratings are good for areas with high-traffic floor areas; stainless steel gratings are suitable for areas with high temperature and certain corrosive environments; Characterized by lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum gratings are suitable for situations where strength to weight ratio is important, such as wastewater treatment plants.

What does 19-W-4 mean in the steel grating?

It is an internationally accepted coding method for steel gratings. Of which, W stands for welded steel grating. 19 represents the spacing between bearing bars is 1-3/16 "on center while 4 means the spacing between cross bars is 4" on center.

What are the advantages of aluminum grating over steel grating?

Compared with steel grating, aluminum grating has the advantages of light weight and better corrosion resistance performance.

What is aluminum grating used for?

Aluminum gratings are widely used in various applications including walkways, floors, platforms, stair treads, bridge deck decoration, etc.

Can you provide accessories for installing aluminum gratings?

Yes, we offer common accessories. If you have special needs, you can send us design drawings directly, and we will customize accessories according to your drawings.

How long is the service life of aluminum grating?

The service life of aluminum grating after spraying with powder or fluorocarbon lasts 10 to 15 years or even 20 years.

What kinds of aluminum grating can you supply?

Aluminum grating are generally available in four types: swaged rectangular aluminum grating, swaged I-bar aluminum grating, swaged flush-top aluminum grating, and dovetail pressure locked aluminum grating. For more information, please refer to aluminum grating.