Swage-Locked Grating Has Anti-slip Surface, High Load Capacity


Swage-locked grating, also called aluminum grating, is mainly made of aluminum steel bars, and other materials also can be stainless steel bars. It has high strength and load capacity and good drainage function. Swage-locked grating is widely used for floor, walkway and stairs.

This is swage-locked grating with smooth surface.
SG-1: Smooth swage-locked grating.
This is swage-locked grating with serrated surface.
SG-2: Serrated swage-locked grating.
This is swage-locked grating with rectangular bearing bars.
SG-3: Rectangular bearing bars.
This is swage-locked grating with I type bearing bars.
SG-4: I type bearing bars.


  • Material: aluminum alloy steel, carbon steel or other materials.
  • Surface type: plain surface or serrated surface.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, mill finished.
  • Bearing bars type: rectangular bars or I bars.
  • Bearing bar spacing: standard is 1-3/16" or 15/16".
  • Cross bar spacing: 4" or 2".
Several swage-locked steel grating piled together and fixed by the metal strap.
SG-5: Swage-locked steel grating tied by metal straps.


  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High strength and load capacity.
  • Good drainage function.
  • Good air, light and water circulation.
  • Anti-slip surface. Serrated surface for better slip resistance.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Applications of swage-locked grating:

This is stairs is made of swage-locked grating.
SG-6: Swage-locked grating stairs.
This is swage-locked grating floor and stairs in the factory.
SG-7: Swage-locked grating floor and stairs.
This is swage-locked grating ceiling in factory.
SG-8: Swage-locked grating ceiling.
This is a swage-locked grating fence in the house.
SG-9: Swage-locked grating fence.
This is street with swage-locked grating walkway.
SG-10: Swage-locked grating walkway.
This is a swage locked grating trench covers on the desk.
SG-11: Swage-locked grating trench covers.

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