Louver Steel Grating with High Strength, Wear Resistance and Anti-slip

Louver steel grating is a special steel grating, it is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel. In general, it can be made in two ways: welded and press-locked. With the performance of high strength, ventilation, sunshade, not easy to fade in the sun, beautiful and easy to clean and maintain, louver steel grating is widely used in outdoors and indoors, such as: sun visor, building facade, walkaway, fence, partitions, railing of stairs and steps and transition between stairs or floors.

A louver weld steel grating is in the picture.

LSG-01: Welded louver steel grating.

A louver press-locked steel grating is in the picture.

LSG-02: Press-locked louver steel grating.

Specifications of louver steel grating

  • Material: low-carbon steel Q235, stainless steel (304, 316, 316L)
  • Surface treatment: hot galvanized, cold galvanized, electroplated, painted, powder coating.
  • Parameter of press-locked louver steel grating:
    • The height of bearing bar: 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm.
    • The thickness of bearing bar: 2 mm, 3 mm.
Standard mesh size
Bearing Bar Spacing
Cross Bar Spacing
33 33, 66, 99
66 33, 66
99 33

Packaging: Cartons or simple wrapping paper

Different types of louvers

A general louver grating is in the picture.

LSG-03: General louver grating.

A integrally-molded louver grating is in the picture.

LSG-04: Integrally-molded louver grating.

The production standards of the product

  • CN: YB/T4001
  • UK: BS4592
  • US: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88)
  • Australia: AS1657

Features of louver steel grating

  • High strength, wear resistance.
  • Sunshade, ventilation, anti-dust, anti-slip, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation.
  • Not easy to fade in the sun.
  • Modern style, beautiful and generous.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Long lifespan.

Applications of louver steel grating

In outdoors, it can be used in:

In indoors, it can be used in:

A louver grating is in the picture, and a man standing beside it.

LSG-05: Louver grating fence.

A louver grating placed on the outside of the window to block the sunlight.

LSG-06: Louver grating blocks the sunlight.