Compound Steel Grating with Hot-Dip Galvanized

  1. Compound steel grating is composed of checkered plate on sealed surface & steel grating with certain spanning capability.
  2. Compound steel grating is formed of any type of steel grating and checkered plate in different thicknesses. The type JG323/40/100, JG253/30/100 and JG323/60/100 are generally used as base & the checkered plate with 3 mm thickness is used as sealing plate. Sometimes checkered plate with thickness of 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm is also used as sealing plate according to customers' requirements.
  3. As thermal stress may cause shape distortion after hot-dip galvanizing treatment, especially when choosing large spacing grating, it's not easy to flatten. So special attention should be paid when choosing grating types.
A compound steel grating with half of checkered steel plate on it.

CSG-01: Compound steel grating with checkered steel plate.

A compound steel grating that steel grating as floor and in the bottom welded steel mesh.

CSG-02: Compound steel grating with steel mesh in the bottom.

A part of compound steel grating with an irregular checkered steel plate.

CSG-03: Compound steel grating with irregular checkered steel plate.

A compound steel grating show us the checkered plate side.

CSG-04: Compound steel grating.

Several compound steel grating stacked together.

CSG-05: Galvanized compound steel grating.>

A compound steel grating show us the checkered plate side.

CSG-06: The checkered plate of compound steel grating.

Some compound steel gratings with different sizes placed on the ground.

CSG-07: Compound steel gratings with different sizes.

>A compound steel grating with two armrests on the two sides.

CSG-08: Compound steel grating with two armrests.

A square compound steel grating with eight bars on the four sides placed on the ground.

CSG-09: Square compound steel grating with handle on top.

Order of Compound Steel Grating
Item Type specification (mm) Quantity Note
Length Width (PC)
A1 JFH3(JG253/30/100) 900 993 1 Hot-dip
A2 JFH5(JG323/60/100U) 800 993 1 Mill