Press Locked Steel Grating Ceiling – Galvanized, SS & Painted

Steel grating ceiling is a building material which made from galvanized grating, stainless steel grating or painted press locked steel grating. With the advantages of light structure, beautiful, high load and easy to clean and maintain, steel grating ceiling is widely used in industrial plants, sports venues, railway stations, airports and other industrial and civil construction to improve the indoor environment, meet the functional requirements and the need of the decorated space.

In a warehouse, the ceiling is divided into different sizes of rectangular, also some hollow circular areas scattered irregularly on it.

SGCL-01: Steel grating warehouse ceiling.

In a mall, the customers are walking and the lights shining on the steel grating ceiling.

SGCL-02: Steel grating shopping malls ceiling.

In a channel, under the sunshine out of the window, steel grating ceiling is displayed in yellow.

SGCL-03: Galvanized steel grating ceiling.

The black steel grating ceiling showing in the picture.

SGCL-04: Black steel grating ceiling.

The picture shows a part of the steel grating ceiling in an office.

SGCL-05: Steel grating ceilings are used in office building.

Applications of steel grating ceiling

Steel grating ceiling is widely used in industrial and civil building ceilings such as:

  • Tobacco manufacturing.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Large stadiums.
  • Convention centers.
  • Railway stations.
  • Airports.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Hospital.
  • Office building.

Features of steel grating ceiling

  • Material: galvanized carbon welded bar grating or press locked steel grating.
  • Footbridge:
    • High Strength, high load, light and compact structure.
    • Elegant appearance.
    • With the performance of good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation and explosion-proof.
    • Easy to lift and install.
    • Beautiful appearance and durable.
    • The advantages of easy cleaning and maintenance extend the lifespan.

    How to install steel grating ceiling?

    There are two methods of fixing the steel grating ceiling: welding and use the mounting clip to secure it.

    • If you want to use permanently, you can use the welding method.
    • If you want to disassemble easily and do not destroy the ceiling, you can use the mounting clip to secure.