Steel Grating for Airport Ceilings and Walkways, Light and High Load Force

Now, taking into account the economy and architectural aesthetics, steel grating is made to be airport ceiling, walkway fence, due to the characteristics of beautiful and fashion appearance, high bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, easy installation, high strength steel, etc. At present, the steel grating has become a good substitute for concrete material.

It is a walkway that hanging on the air but under the roof.

CWF-01: Steel grating walkway is strong and firm and also make full use of space.

It is steel grating ceiling picture of airport waiting room.

CWF-02: Steel grating ceiling is capable of hanging lights or something else.

This is galvanized steel grating walking platforms at the airport.

CWF-03: Located in the high level, the steel grating walking platform structure good for rain flow away.

It is a steel bar grating walkway which located in airport tank farm.

CWF-04: Bar grating walkway is anti-corrosion and anti-skid even if the oil poured out.

Steel grating suspend ceiling in the luggage hall at the airport.

CWF-05: Steel grating suspend ceiling is easy to install and dismantle.



  • Material: steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized.


  • High bearing capacity.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Easy installation.
  • High strength steel.
  • Beautiful and fashion appearance.
  • Easy to clean.