Steel Grating Ramps for Loading/Unloading Cargo and People Walking

Steel grating ramps are usually made from serrated type steel grating. It is easy to installed and dismantled. The ramps are widely used in industrial plant, freight station, dock, warehouse, courtyard, etc. For example, in most of time, the ramps help to transport cargo to or from a truck and trailer. This type anti-slip ramp provides safety for people and cargo.

Applications of steel grating ramps

  • Safety barriers.
  • Industrial platform, warehouse, courtyard.
  • Park.
  • Help transport cargo to and from a truck, trailer or dock.
The steel grating ramp setting for safety barriers.

SGR-01: The barrier-free ramps provide safety for people.

The mobile galvanized ramp connects with the container.

SGR-02: The galvanized steel grating ramp helps to transport cargo.

Features of steel grating ramps

  • Anti-slip, anti-corrosion and anti-quake.
  • Fast construction, time saving and labor saving.
  • Good appearance.
  • Lower cost and maintenance.
  • Durable, long using time up to 15 years.