Steel Grating Door Plays a Protective Role and Beautiful in Appearance

As you see, steel grating has been widely used as door for a variety of buildings, for instance, holiday house door, playground door, theater door and box door, etc. It is usually played a protective role, to prevent burglar from entering, furthermore, it also has durable, ventilated, anti-corrosion features.

Steel grating door is opening.

SGD-01: Steel Grating door is made to protect and provide sufficient privacy.

Half of the steel grating door is open, half is closed.

SGD-02: Steel grating door design to let air flow around the house.

The upper and lower parts are the steel grating, the middle is the panel.

SGD-03: This kind of steel grating door is quite durable and stable than wooden door.

Sides of iron box is sealed panel, only one side is openable steel grating door.

SGD-04: Steel grating door is light that you don't need to open it with great effort.

RAL painted steel grating door of administrative building.

SGD-05: Steel grating is a kind of economical material for door and perfectly match the environment.

Steel grating door at the bottom of the stair.

SGD-06: Giving a protective cage for the staircase can prevent unauthorized persons from going upstairs.


  • Villa door
  • Vacation house door
  • Box door
  • Administrative building door
  • Staircase door
  • Building door
  • Warehouse door

Door steel grating specification

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, powder coating, PVC.
  • Type: welded steel grating, press locked steel grating.
  • Standard Panel Heights: 930, 1195, 1320, 1720, 1985, 2118, 2382, 2646, 2910 mm.
  • Standard Panel Width: 1992 mm.


  • Anti-corrosion
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Visual appeal
  • Low cost
  • Ventilation