Steel Grating Platform and Walkway in Crossing Sewage Treatment Area

Steel grating is a very widespread use, people take steel grating as platform and walkway instead of concrete platforms to overcome obstacles or cross waste water places in sewage treatment plants. Steel grating platform in sewage plant shares characteristics with easy installation, easy removal, good corrosion resistance, anti-rust, anti-skid, high bearing force.

Press locked steel grating walkway was built inside sewage treatment plant.

PW-01: Steel grating is strong enough for sewage treatment walkway.

Welded steel grating walkway was built in sewage treatment area.

PW-02: Steel grating walkway is anti skidding and corrosion resistance in sewage treatment plant.

A steel grating walkway with handrails crossing gutter.

PW-03: Steel grating walk above the gutter is easy to install and remove.

Sidewalk with handrails crossing the waste water area.

PW-04: Steel grating sidewalk in waste places can prevent people from slipping.

Application area of steel grating in sewage treatment plant

Specifications of steel grating platform and walkway

  • Material: low carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, PVC.
  • Type: welding, press locked.

Features of steel grating platform and walkway

  • Non-slip
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust
  • High strength
  • Light structure
  • High bearing capacity