Steel Grating Order Instruction

You, as our most concerned customer, can proceed on by deciding on the expertise provided by our experience personnel on the below specification as of:

  1. Type of Steel Grating
    Specify the type of grating required by reference of our three main types of products: Plain, serrated or I bar steel grating.
  2. Dimensions
    • Nominate the size of bearing bar and cross bar.
    • Nominate the pitch of bearing bar and cross bar.
    • Nominate the size of the steel grating panel.
    • Nominate whether banding is required.
    • For non standard panels, nominate dimension for length and width of individual panels.
    • Where large areas of flooring is to be covered, provide:
      • shop drawings of grating floor zone.
      • detail drawings of beams, pillars and their joints.
      • setting positions of stairs and procedures of stairs, railing piping.
      • sizes and locations of cutouts, kick plates and nosing.

      -For stair threads, select from our ranges of standard types and nominate dimensions and quality. Our recommended length and widths should be nominated for economical orders.

  3. Finish
    Nominate the type of the steel grating finishing required i.e. untreated, painted or hot dip galvanized.
  4. Anchoring Methods
    Where fastening clips units are required, select any of our three types of clip available. Clip should be provided for on the basis of a minimum of 4 units per panel.