Bar Grating and Riveted Grating as Tread, Floor and Walkway in Chemical Plant

Steel grating has a rapid development in modern building construction. It is serving as walkway, stair tread, operating platform in chemical plant which shares the features of anti-deformation, skid-proof, high load bearing, long life and durable, etc. In addition, steel grating also can used in paper-making plant, power plant, petrochemical plant, etc.

Steel grating stair tread and its both sides are concrete walls.

CP-01: Steel bar grating stair tread in chemical plant.

The steel grating floor above the ground, surrounding metal pipes in chemical plant.

CP-02: Steel grating floor has high load bearing and strong enough features.

Press locked steel grating floor in chemical plant.

CP-03: Press locked steel grating floor with the feature of anti-corrosion, radiating and ventilated.

Steel riveted grating floor and various metal pipes vertical through floor.

CP-04: Riveted grating ground is easy to fixed and dismantled, people can walk on it to check pipes.

Steel grating platform at high level and metal pipes through platform directly.

CP-05: Steel grating is conducive to handrail and other plug-ins installed.

Steel grating walkway beside metal buildings roof in chemical plant.

CP-06: Steel grating walkway is safe and skid-proof for people walking on.


Common used grating for chemical plant


  • High bearing capacity.
  • Safe and skid-proof.
  • Easily fixed and dismantled.
  • Anti-deformation.
  • Ventilated and penetration of light.
  • Easy to be cleaned.
  • Economical.
  • Long life and durable.