Steel Grating Fire Escape Stairs for Industrial or Commercial Uses

Fire escape stairs made from steel grating stair tread, which has high load strength and adaptability to used for many applications such as galleries, residential, shops, offices, restaurants or other public space. Steel grating fire escape stair ensures that people can evacuate from fire scenes safely and rapidly due to its anti-slip and anti-explosion, moreover, it is easy to maintenance.

The stairs made from steel gratings installed outside the shop.

FES-01: Fire escape stairs of shops.

The fire escape stairs installed outside the building.

FES-02: Fire escape stairs is non-slip.

The welded steel grating stairs setting in the exterior of the building.

FES-03: The fire exit stairs of offices.

A spiral fire escape stair made from steel grating.

FES-04: Spiral steel grating fire escape stairs.

Applications of steel grating fire escape stairs:

  • Landings.
  • Galleries.
  • Homes.
  • Car showrooms.
  • Shops.
  • Offices.
  • Restaurants or other public space.

Features of fire escape stairs:

  • Anti-slip, anti-explosion and anti-vertigo.
  • Good ventilation of air and light, heat dissipation.
  • High load strength and adaptability to fit most industrial or commercial uses.
  • Low manufacturing cost.
  • Easy for maintenance.

Common categories

  • Welded steel grating.
  • Press-locked grating.