Steel Grating Fence Is High Enough and Anti-corrosion in Soccer Field

Steel grating for modern football field construction is perfectly meet with the demand for humane and high safety. It can be used as tread pad under audience seats, field isolation fence, stair treads, entrance mats, drainage cover, etc. Steel grating has many characteristics when used as different facilities. Such as steel grating entrance door mat, can keep dirt, coarse particulates off the field when a lot of people get in the field; tread pad under the audience seats and viewing platform, are quite durable for withstand amount of audience and other facilities; stair treads with light weight and easy installation features, so that it'll not give a damage to the bearing facilities, in addition, steel grating is anti-skid, people not fall easily especially in snow and rainy days. Finally, for limited football field area, steel grating fence may prevent ball flying out of the field.

Green coating steel grating fence around the football field.

FF-01: Green steel grating commensurate with the environment prevents ball from kicking off the field.

Galvanized steel grating fence around the football field and upper fence is slanting.

FF-02: Galvanized steel grating football fence with strong corrosion resistance and easy for installation.

Short steel grating surrounds into a small football field.

FF-03: Simple steel grating fence surrounds into a soccer field.

Green coating steel grating fence around the basketball field.

FF-04: Steel grating basketball field fence.

Welded bar grating stair tread for football field stair, and snow on it.

FF-05: Welded steel grating stair for soccer field.


  • Football field fence.
  • Football field staircase railing.
  • Football field drainage.
  • Grandstands barrier.
  • Basketball fence.


  • Material: Hot-dipped galvanized steel grating, and painted coating steel grating.
  • Painted color: black, green.


  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust.
  • Anti-skid.
  • Appropriate height.
  • Easy for installation.
  • Durable.
  • Trendy design.