Steel Grating Fountain Drainage with Anti-rust and Large Displacement

Steel grating fountain drainage is made from galvanized steel grating or stainless steel grating, it can be made into a variety of shapes. With light weight, non-slip, high bearing capacity, large displacement, high impact resistance, anti-rust and beautiful appearance, it is widely used for the fountain to drain the water or filtering the debris to prevent clogging. Welded bar grating and press locked grating are both can be used for fountain drainage.

Several children are bouncing on the steel grating fountain drainage.

SFD-01: Steel grating fountain drainage with high impact resistance.

In a square, the fountain is spraying water on a shaped steel grating and the children are playing.

SFD-02: Steel grating fountain drainage can be made into a variety of shapes.

Two people accompanied the puppy to play on steel grating fountain drainage.

SFD-03: Steel grating fountain drainage with high bearing capacity.

The gap in the side of the flower bed drains the water in the fountain, several leaves on the steel grating.

SFD-04: Steel grating fountain drainage can be used to filter debris.

The fountain is sprinkling water at a corner drain of a rectangular steel grating.

SFD-05: Steel grating fountain drainage with large displacement.

In front of an arc-shaped building, steel grating fountain drainage was designed to be round.

SFD-06: Steel grating fountain drainage fuses with the surroundings to make it more beautiful.

Features of steel grating fountain drainage

  • Light weight, high bearing capacity, high impact resistance.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-skid and anti-rust.
  • Large displacement.
  • Porous structure for easy filtration of debris.
  • Beautiful appearance with various shapes.
  • The advantages of easy cleaning, maintenance and durable extend the lifespan.