Steel Grating Roof Has Drainage Function, Ventilation Breathable Ability

Floors of roof need to load a lot of weight. And green roofs need ventilation and breathable ability. Steel grating has good drainage function, ventilation and breathable ability, high load and bearing capacity, corrosion resistance. So steel grating can be used as floor, walkway of roof and green roofs.

A tank is on the steel grating roof.

SGRF-1: Steel grating floor with high bearing capacity.

A people is standing on the steel grating walkway of roof.

SGRF-2: Steel grating walkway of roof.

This is a tilted roof with steel grating bridge.

SGRF-3: Steel grating bridge of roof.

Two workers are setting steel grating floors on the roof.

SGRF-4: Steel grating floor of roof.

Steel grating panel is over the grass on the floor.

SGRF-5: Steel grating green roofs.

There are grasses on the steel grating floor of roof.

SGRF-6: Steel grating floor of roof to plant grasses.

Applications of steel grating:

  • Floors of roof.
  • Walkway of roof.
  • Green roofs.
  • Bridge of tilted roof.


  • Non-slip, anti-corrosion.
  • Good drainage function.
  • High load and bearing capacity.
  • Ventilation, breathable.
  • Not easy to accumulate dust.
  • Easy to install and maintain.