Steel Grating in Container Has Ventilation, Corrosion Resistance

Container is a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of large-scale loading containers. Steel grating has ventilation and breathable functions, high load and bearing capacity, corrosion resistance. So steel grating can be used as door, floor, stair of container. Container is also can be made of steel grating.

A container made of galvanized steel grating is in the street.

SGC-1: Galvanzied steel grating container.

A container with galvanized steel grating floor and blue doors.

SGC-2: Steel grating floor for chemical container.

This is galvanized welded bar grating stairs to the container in height.

SGC-3: Welded bar grating stairs for container.

A worker is working in the container that is divided by steel grating partition panels.

SGC-4: Steel grating partition panels in container.

This is a container with steel grating doors in the house.

SGC-5: Steel grating doors of container.

Application of steel grating:

  • Stairs of container.
  • Partition panel in container.
  • Door of container.
  • Floor of container.
  • Window of container.


  • Ventilation, breathable.
  • High load and bearing capacity.
  • Non-slip, anti-corrosion.
  • Light weight.
  • Not easily deformed.
  • Easy to install and maintain.