Steel Grating Window Has Light Transmission, Corrosion Resistance

Steel grating window is sturdy and safe. Steel grating has corrosion resistance, light weight, ventilation and light transmission function, strength capacity. So steel grating can be used as window of house and mall, skylight, floor to ceiling windows.

This is a wall of house with steel grating window.

SGW-1: Steel grating window of house.

This is a roof with steel grating skylight and beautiful lights.

SGW-2: Steel grating skylight in house.

A tree is in front of the house with steel grating floor to ceiling windows.

SGW-3: Steel grating has lighting function, so it is for floor to ceiling windows.

This is steel grating windows of a beautiful house.

SGW-4: Steel grating windows beautiful and strong.

Application of steel grating:

  • Window of house.
  • Skylight.
  • Window of mall.
  • Floor to ceiling windows.
  • Window of office building.


  • Sturdy and safe.
  • Not easily deformed.
  • Ventilation, light transmission.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Not easy to accumulate dust.
  • Easy to install and maintain.