Advantages of Aluminum & Steel Gratings over Timber Gratings

Aluminum gratings are getting more and more popular worldwide. Featured by light weight, good corrosion resistance and high cost effective, aluminum gratings are widely used as walkways, platforms, stair treads, ceilings, building facades, etc. In the table below, we compared the performance of aluminum gratings, steel gratings and timber materials. In this way, you can learn more about the benefits of aluminum gratings.

Price or Quality

Firstly, some clients consider price to be the primary criterion for selecting steel gratings. As for its quality, they tend to think it is enough as long as it can work normally. However, most steel gratings are installed in places where they are subject to high pressure and heavy load. Therefore, quality is more important than the price. Just compare the loss of damaged steel gratings or the price of superior steel gratings, which one would cost more? You will have your own idea.

Aluminum gratings are used for platform walkways.

Aluminum gratings

Galvanized steel gratings are used for engineering platforms.

Galvanized steel grating platform

Timber materials are used for outdoor stair treads.

Timber stair treads

Aluminum Grating Steel Grating Timber Materials
Corrosion Resistance Excellent corrosion resistance. Anodizing or other coating treatment improves its corrosion resistance. High corrosion resistance. Galvanized or powder coated treatment improves its corrosion resistance. Low corrosion resistance. It rots easily in moisture, rain and chemicals. Coating can improve its corrosion resistance.
Weight Lightweight Heavy It depends on the density and size of the timber
Slip Resistance Serrated surface is available. Serrated surface is available. No slip resistance
Conductivity Grounding required Grounding required Non-conductive. No grounding demands.
Strength Low strength High strength It depends on density and size.
Impact Resistance Low impact resistance. It deforms easily under impact Great impact resistance It may permanently deform under impact
Fabrication Complex fabrication Complex fabrication Easy fabrication
Maintenance Corrosion resistance makes it almost maintenance free. Corrosion resistance makes it almost maintenance free. It is easy to be corroded and requires frequent maintenance.
Cost Low cost High cost High costs (mainly maintenance costs)

We hope this table can help you choose the right product that suits your applications quickly. If you have any doubt about specifications or types, you can contact us directly. We can not only help you solve these problems, but also can provide drawing services to help you choose the most suitable and satisfactory products.