Steel Grating Strong and Non Skid for Load Bearing Application

Steel grating is known for non-slip, durable and large load capacity features for walkways, platforms and chairs in the role of railway transport. Railway station is a place where a lot people coming and going everyday, so steel grating is great choice for walkways and platforms to bear enormous pressure and prevent people from slipping.

Steel grating walkway along the train rails.

RT-01: The replacement of the old wooden walkways by steel gratings matches with the old steel elements of the early days.

Recessed steel grating over cross drain.

RT-02: Recessed serrated steel grating railroad drainage cover is easy to installed and also can recyclable.

Steel grating bridge walkway across the wetland.

RT-03: Steel grating railroad bridge walkway is light than stones and installed easily.

Steel grating oil transportation platform near to the oil transport rail.

RT-04: Steel grating transportation platform is fireproof and non-slip for oil transportation.


  • Walkways alongside the train rail.
  • Railroad spill.
  • Transport platform.
  • Light vehicle traffic.
  • Benches.



  • Anti-skid.
  • Huge load capacity.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Fireproof.
  • Easy installed and disassemble.