Garden Steel Grating as Walkway, Drainage Cover, Fence and Bench

Garden steel grating is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel bearing bar and cross bar. With the features of corrosion resistance, high bearing capacity, simple and beautiful appearance, do not accumulate water, snow and dust, garden steel grating is widely used as drainage covers, walkways, benches and fences in the garden.

A steel grating bench with handrails was placed on the ground.

GSG-01: Steel grating garden benches.

Garden steel grating is used as a walkway and many plants on both sides.

GSG-02: Welded bar grating walkways in the garden.

The steel grating gate is open and the plants are beside it.

GSG-03: Steel grating gates in the garden.

Steel grating tree cover in the garden and a tree grows up in the square hole of grating.

GSG-04: Press locked steel grating tree cover in the garden.

Applications of garden steel grating:

Features of garden steel grating:

  • High strength and high bearing capacity.
  • Anti-rust and non-slip.
  • Best drainage function, do not accumulate water.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Light weight, so easy to install and remove.

Common categories

  • Press-locked grating.
  • Welded steel grating.